Photos & Art
The shack as artistic muse over the years

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Links from contributing artists

Site for LBI artist
Cathleen Pearce Engelsen

Gallery of photographer Tavit Jinivizian
Photographer Tav Jinivizian will donate 50% of sales from these fantastic prints to the shack restoration effort. Check them out!

Gallery of LBI Artist Tony Desiderio
Mention the save the shack site when ordering prints, and Tony will donate 30% of the sale price to the shack restoration mission!

Pine Shores Art Association

Jessica Schooley Designs

Nancy O'Connell

Photo by Tavit Jinivizian

Photo by Tavit Jinivizian

Watercolor by Chris Vohden

Photo by Bill Kleimenhagen

Watercolor by Frank Becerra

Photo by Bill Kleimenhagen

Photo by Megan Keller - taken the day after hurricane Irene

Photo by Bill Kleimenhagen

Shack 1991 - by Gwenn Hotaling

Watercolor by Irene Bausmith

Photo by Bill Kleimenhagen

Watercolor by Marlene Craig

Shack sunrise 1996 - Brooke Folino

Shack 1986 - by Tony Desiderio

Limited edition print by Tony Desiderio

Shack 2008 - by Tony Desiderio

Shack 2001 - by Tony Desiderio

Shack 1979 - by Trish Craig

Storm Shack 2009 -
by Jessica Schooley

Shack 2010 - by Jim Yuhas

Watercolor by Joyce McAfee

Watercolor by Joyce McAfee 2009

Causeway bridge seen from shack
Photo by Jim Yuhas

Santa shack
Photo by Jim Yuhas

Looking in the shack window - 1988
Photo by Mike Leonard


Architectural rendering of what the restored shack could look like done by Joseph Tarella, a Manhattan-based architect and longtime LBI visitor.